Jwala Home is a home for mentally disabled girls and women in Puducherry. Madame Bhanumathi is the establisher of the home.

Girls and women between 5 and 35 live at the home. Jwala Home only receives 5.000 roepies (100 euros) a year from the government, and relies on gifts for the rest of the money they need.

Volunteer Sonja Zevenbergen went to work in Jwala home for 10 months in 2005. She helped the people at the home set up activities such as yoga, drawing, painting, dancing, shell threading and playing with toys.

Jwala Home has had years of homing problems, and was often forced to move from places they had originally hired. With the help of sponsors they were able to buy a new piece of land. Kindia also helped, and sponsored 7000 euro to finance a part of the new building.

At the beginning of December 2013 we received the sad news that Madame Bhanumathi, head of the Jwala Home, died of cardiac arrest in Puducherry.
It’s unbelievable that this warm and powerful woman who spent her whole life caring for mentally disabled girls and women, isn’t with us anymore. At the moment, her daughter is completing her tasks.