JET is a project for abandoned and physically disabled children. These children come from extremely poor and (often) broken families, and often have a physical disability as well. In a lot cases, the disability developed after contracting polio. Some children have even lost body parts.

Some children can’t walk and have to move themselves through the use of their arms. Lots of these children were rejected by their family and have always been told that they weren’t worth anything. On top of this, these children are also vulnerable to child labour and sexual abuse.


Sir T. John Pannaiah established this project in 1997 and he has now passed the daily work that has to be done, on to his son Raja. With their own earnings this Indian family tried to care for 35 children. Up to August 2009 the whole family and the children they were caring for lived in a small building. The building they lived belong to them, but they had to rent the land surrounding it. The children slept, ate and were educated in the same room. When classes were being taught, they would hang blankets up to separate the different class rooms from each other.

Sadly, what the family earned was minimal. When Stichting Kindia was introduced to the project in 2006, the financial situation was critical. Raja was frantically searching for help because the family was unable to raise the funds needed to take care of the children anymore. These children need food, clothing, a place to sheep, an education, but also needed extra care for their physical handicaps.

Future plans

With the help received from Kindia Foundation, JET has been able to create a plan for the following couple of years. The plans include building a new school and training centre for disabled children, which is made up of separate boys’ and girls’ home, classrooms, a library, bathrooms, physiotherapy room and a playground. Thanks to Kindia’s sponsoring, JET was able to buy a new piece of land, which was a massive 7-acres. Immediately after purchasing the land, building of the new school and training centre started.