Kindia Foundation has a commission who focus conducting this successfully. Making sure there are clear documentations, concrete plans and enough feedback are just a few of the important key points.

One vocational training course can be completed at the expense of € 35,- a month for one or two years. Continuing their studies into the 11 and/or 12th standard also costs€ 35,- per month for each school year. A study such as higher level education which would usually follow this costs twice the amount. For a student who can manage this, Kindia Foundation is looking for either two people to sponsor € 35,- a month, or one sponsor who is willing and/or able to pay the higher amount of € 70,- a month.

Thanks to the 1-to-1 sponsoring a couple of children are studying or following vocational training right now. There are also children who have completed their chosen course and have been able to complete it as well. With the help of JET they have even been able to find a job. 

For € 35,- a month you can help a child in India study and give him/her a chance at a better future!

Are you interested in sponsoring a child?
If so, contact Annemieke van den Broek